The loss, the gain, the fool, the sane!

It was just yesterday when I stepped into college and went on to a roller coaster ride of living my life. Well, in college all of us feel we would rule the world. We would keep these mad friends forever and actually rule the world. And yes I did rule the world. I ruled the world for 5 long years and then college ended. Oh what a life that was..Sitting down with Riya I could go on and on about the life we had and we dreaded and we miss!

Sitting down with Riya, we also realized how the best memories of college were slowly wiping out of our memory. We both exclaimed in unanimous agreement that it was scary that this was happening. The innocent us and the best friends whom we would probably keep for life and can never be replaced, are slowly draining out of our minds.

The question is did we really care?

Reaching at a stage in life when nothing seems to be so drastically happy or sad that it would be inked in our memory, we both wondered do we really have time to sulk on the deletion of time?

Sometimes we try so hard to cling on that we crush mercifully. In retrospect, how many of us are happy about the friends we have gathered and how many of us are sad over the ones we could’nt hold on to? How many of us think about the family summer vacations which were supposed to be the only source possible to the world of happiness in school and how many of us feel glad that school got over and college happened? Do we really want our life to go through the stress of weighing the measures of keeping and letting go, holding and releasing, slapping and kissing, rising and falling and reminisce to keep a record of it in our memory?

I believe in the happiness that comes when a certain moment pops us infront of us when we hear a song, or read a wonderful book or visit the mountains, or reflect before the deep blue sea. That is the moment which gives us the truely valued memory. Lets face it if it did not matter it would not come back. It would never be stored in the sub conscience mind. It would never be brought back by our mind itself. The moment that stuns into our face and lets us know that this will remain for life…you cannot the one for me.

So I guess we can stop clinging on to savour the moments. I am sure our mind would keep it safe and serve it fresh when least expected.

Regrets can be killing. Lets save them for growing up and seeing the wild side of the moon.

This song from Dido to thank the best people in life 😀



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